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    Wireless Solar Road Studs Work As Per Lighting Of Traffic Signal System

    GUANGAN’s Intelligent Wireless Solar Road Studs are designed to improve roadway safety for pedestrian Crossing Systems.

    ?wireless road stud

    The Product has below features:

    1)?Embedded in the pavement and powered by solar battery, eliminating the need to trench and run conduit for hard-wiring

    2) Road studs communicate by wireless and work as per lighting of traffic signals, that means the solution is adaptive so it reacts accordingly to the traffic signals

    3) Oriented to face oncoming traffic or pedestrian to draw the road user’s attention

    4) High mechanical and weather resistance (abrasion, wind, impact, chemical agents, etc.). Control electrics protected from the weather (IP68) An especially suitable system for working in extreme (very wet or dry) outdoor environments


    This type of technical solution could be applied in any village, town or city, as it does not require a very high amount of money to be installed or to be maintained. It is believed, thus, that it will be adopted by many more municipalities in the coming years.

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    Post time: Jul-21-2020
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