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    What is Color rendering index?

    A simple definition of Color Rendering Index (CRI) would measure the ability of a light source to accurately render all frequencies of its color spectrum when compared to a perfect reference light of a similar type (color temperature). It is rated on a scale from 1-100. The lower the CRI rating, the less accurately colors will be reproduced. Light sources that are incandescent radiators have a CRI of 100 since all colors in their spectrum are rendered equally.


    The special color rendering indices, referred to as R9 through R14, are each based on a single test color. They are not used for calculation of CRI but may be used for supplemental analysis when necessary. The “strong red” color sample, R9, is especially pertinent since the rendition of saturated red is particularly important for the appearance of skin tones, among other materials. An R9 score greater than 0 is generally considered acceptable since the color space used in the CIE Test-Color Method often causes color shifts in the red region to be exaggerated. The four boxes below are an approximate representation of the TCS09 color sample, as rendered by four different sources.


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