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    • Everything You Need to Know About Different Pedestrian Crossings
      Post time: Apr-29-2019

      Originally published on Driving School blog. Pedestrian crossings are among the many road rules you need to learn when you’re first learning to drive. In the UK we have a total of five different types of crossings: ? l?Zebra l?Pelican l?Puffin l?Toucan l?Pegasus There are also some additional one...Read more »

    • Someday Your Self-Driving Car Will Pull Over for Police
      Post time: Apr-28-2019

      It was still dark on a Friday morning in November when a California Highway Patrol officer started following a Tesla Model S on Route 101 between the San Francisco International Airport and Palo Alto. The gray sedan was going 70 miles per hour with a turn signal blinking, cruising past multiple e...Read more »

    • Councils told by Transport secretary Chris Grayling to stop ‘bamboozling’ pedestrians with metric road signs
      Post time: Apr-27-2019

      Councils have been told to stop “bamboozling” pedestrians by failing to include imperial measurements on new road signs. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has written to local authorities in England to remind them of guidance, last issued in 2016, which informs them that all distances on traffi...Read more »

    • The importance of VARIABLE RADAR SPEED SIGN
      Post time: Apr-24-2019

      If you recently had a road trip then you must have noticed that driver feedback?signs?are now being used to provide information to the travellers. These?Radar signals?can be variable based upon the input to them, at times these could be used as the?Radar?speed limiter?sign, while sometimes these...Read more »

    • Safer Children Mean Better Future
      Post time: Apr-20-2019

      Chaos often reigns on the streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital. Minivans, cars and motorcycles careen along half-finished roads without markings, sidewalks or traffic lights. Pedestrians walk single-file within reach of speeding vehicles. Groups of children in matching school uniforms hol...Read more »

    • They install countdown timer for pedestrian safety
      Post time: Apr-15-2019

      As a precaution and for the safety of pedestrians and drivers, GUANGAN’s traffic countdown timer begin installed in Bolivia. The head of the aforementioned project, Fernando Flores, explained that on this road, there is an accidental crossing of pedestrians that is a danger, because they c...Read more »

    • Why blue LED won 2014 Physics Nobel Prize?
      Post time: Oct-04-2017

      2017 Nobel prize come out, but do you know that blue led also won 2014 Physics Nobel prize? As we all know, tricolor are red, blue, green. White light can be made by tricolor. Red and green LED light had been successfully made during middle of the last century, but blue led light failed to launc...Read more »

    • How to read Luminous intensity diagram?
      Post time: Sep-26-2017

      Intensity, I, is the flux per unit solid angle. It is the amount of flux from a point source contained in a small angular volume. A source can be considered a point source for this application if the irradiance falls off as the inverse square of the distance from the source. Intensity, for a giv...Read more »

    • New EU regulation for energy labelling
      Post time: Sep-24-2017

      The new EU Regulation 2017/1369 setting a framework for energy labelling entered into force as of August 1, 2017. Regulation EU 2017/1369 applies directly in all EU Member States.? The former EU Directive 2010/30/EU was repealed. EU Regulation 2017/1369 foresees some changes for distributor, prod...Read more »

    • IP rate
      Post time: Aug-28-2017

      According to CEI 70-1 Norm is described below: The degree of protection of the housing of electrical equipment with rated voltage not exceeding 72.5KV. The first digit indicates the degree of protection against contact of external solid bodies and against access to parts Dangerous; the second dig...Read more »

    • What is Color rendering index?
      Post time: Aug-28-2017

      A simple definition of Color Rendering Index (CRI) would measure the ability of a light source to accurately render all frequencies of its color spectrum when compared to a perfect reference light of a similar type (color temperature). It is rated on a scale from 1-100. The lower the CRI rating, ...Read more »

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