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    how do traffic light work?

    Traffic flow control at intersection is always a challenge, there are so many factors need to be considered, such as space, cost, approach speed, cycle time, sight distance, types and volumes of traffic and human factors like habits, expectations, and reaction times. Those could be called as assigning right-of-way decision.

    Another important decision is set timing for each phase sequence. Ideally, a green light should last at least long enough to clear the queue that built up during the red light. This isn’t always possible, especially during peak times on busy intersections.

    In reality traffic signals will be more sophisticated than above situation, it requires much more flexibility to handle variations in traffic load. For example, it is possible for drivers to travel long distances without encountering a red light.

    GuangAn traffic is a professional manufacture of traffic light controller, self-adjusted controller is one of their strength, the benefits of self-adjusted controller include:

    traffic signal controller 1) Increasing the traffic handling capacity of roads
    2) Reducing collisions and waiting time for both vehicles and pedestrians
    3) Encouraging travel within the speed limit to meet green lights
    4) Reducing unnecessary stopping and starting of traffic – this in turn reduces fuel consumption, air and noise pollution, and vehicle wear and tear
    5) Reducing travel time
    6)Reducing driver frustration and road rage


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    Post time: Jul-25-2019
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