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    Benefit of Fresnel lenses on high flux traffic light

    Fresnel lenses, has a?plane?surface, but could?act as spherical lenses. Since they are essentially flat, Fresnel lenses offer tremendous space and weight saving, and also enable focal lengths shorter than their aperture, a feat impossible with spherical lenses.?So it could be used in high flux traffic light to achieve uniform light distribution.

    Besides, due to the popularity of high-power LED, people use single or a few LED light as light source. So fresnel lens with astigmatism mirror replaces to use a large amount of LED light source as traffic sign light.

    Fresnel lens condenser also makes the traffic sign light has strong penetration to become more suitable to use for fog or other bad weather. Fresnel lens can enhance the utilization rate of LED light so that the traffic sign light has a higher luminous efficiency and viewing angle.

    high flux traffic light

    GUANGANs high flux traffic signal?utilises a proven?lantern housing design. Through the use of diecast material selection and production control, a long life and?durability of the lanterns is ensured.

    The lanterns are designed to nest, permitting compact multi?lantern?post (pedestal) mounting. Visors and target boards are specially designed for easy in-field replacement, in the event of damage.

    high flux traffic light

    GUANGANs high flux traffic light have below characteristics:

    ??High Intensity

    ??Durable thermoplastic components

    ??Exceptional structural strength

    ??U.V. stabilised components

    ??High reflectivity reflectors

    ??A range of polycarbonate and acrylic lenses

    ??Meets international Standard specifications

    ??Aluminium pressure diecast modular housing components

    ??Suits all weather and operating environments

    ??Available in DC12V and AC power configuration

    ??Simple reliable lamp holder

    ??Available with wide range of accessories

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