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    LED Variable Traffic Speed Limit Display

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    Variable Message Systems (VMS) from GUANGAN TRAFFIC,??is an?LED?technology?display?product that used to display?of service information and?speed limit?signs and / or?warning?signs?when necessary for the purpose of effective lane management.?Our customers have also installed these displays in school zones, residential areas, parks, work zones and high-speed roadways that lead into commercial or residential areas to slow drivers in preparation of hazards ahead. Our displays could be customized for sign color, size, and shape.

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    1) Two-color full matrix LED display.
    2) Ultra bright highly legible LEDs display message clearly.
    3) Low power consumption and more uptime.
    4) Support multiple partitions display tasks simultaneously.
    5) Can display English, Arabic, Spanish, special letter form.
    6) Can display symbols, graphics, and animation.
    7) Individual display LED modules can be replaced easily.
    8) Program message by laptop or mobile phone with Donartech software.
    9) Communication via RS232 or wireless Bluetooth.
    10) Available AC, DC, or Solar power
    11) Weather-resistant Construction.
    12) Powder coat paint.
    13) Choice of sizes and mounting options.


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