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    Bicycle/ bike Traffic Signal Head

    Short Description:

    Shenzhen GuangAn Intelligent Traffic Technology Co., Ltd.?is a manufacturer of high quality LED Traffic Light. Here you can customise your traffic lights according to your requirements: flexible in?regards to material, mounting, design and additional features.

  • housing: PC or Aluminum in black or yellow
  • input voltage:: 85-265V or DC12/ 24V
  • installation: most vertically
  • warranty: at least 2 years
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    General information:

    A bicycle/ bike signal of Guangan is an electrically powered traffic control device that should only be used in combination with an existing conventional traffic signal or hybrid beacon. Bicycle signals are typically used to improve identified safety or operational problems involving bicycle facilities or to provide guidance for bicyclists at intersections where they may have different needs from other road users (e.g., bicycle only movements, leading bicycle intervals). Bicycle signal heads may be installed at signalized intersections to indicate bicycle signal phases and other bicycle-specific timing strategies.

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    ?Product features:

    1) Separates bicycle movements from conflicting motor vehicle, streetcar, light rail, or pedestrian movements.
    2) Provides priority to bicycle movements at intersections (e.g., a leading bicycle interval).
    3) Accommodates of bicycle-only movements within signalized intersections (e.g., providing a phase for a contra-flow bike lane that otherwise would not have a phase). Through bicycle travel may also occur simultaneously with parallel auto movement if conflicting automobile turns are restricted.
    4) Protects bicyclists in the intersection, which may improve real and perceived safety at high-conflict areas.
    5) Improves operation and provides appropriate information for bicyclists (as compared to pedestrian signals).
    6) Helps to simplify bicycle movements through complex intersections and potentially improve operations or reduce conflicts for all modes.

    typcal applications:

    1) Where a stand-alone bike path or multi-use path crosses a street, especially where the needed bicycle clearance time differs substantially from the needed pedestrian clearance time.
    2) To split signal phases at intersections where a predominant bicycle movement conflicts with a main motor vehicle movement during the same green phase.
    3) At intersections where a bicycle facility transitions from a cycle track to a bicycle lane, if turning movements are significant.
    4) To give bicyclists an advanced green (like a leading pedestrian interval), or to indicate an “all-bike” phase where bicyclist turning movements are high.
    5) At complex intersections that may otherwise be difficult for bicyclists to navigate.
    6) At intersections with high numbers of bicycle and motor vehicle crashes.
    7) At intersections near schools (primary, secondary, and university)

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    ?Technical data in brief:

    Body Molded: Polycarbonate suitable for extreme weather condition
    Gasket: Waterproof sealing (Between Lens & body)
    Size: 200 mm (8″) & 300 mm (12″) diameter
    Lens: UV stabilized clean polycarbonate
    Operating Voltage: 110-265VAC, 12/24VDC
    Moisture Ingress: IP65
    Operating Range: -40 to 70 degree
    Power Factor: Greater than 0.9
    Indication Modes: Red-Amber-Green

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